What I do

I can help you identify your value proposition and why anyone should care about what you do. From there I can craft a strategy that gets you noticed, and increases your bottom line.

My Experience

I help companies develop and deploy successful business strategies.  Drawing on over 30 years in the school of hard knocks, I help companies innovate, grow, and avoid pitfalls. I can jump in and help you with such things as business planning, business development, writing, primary research on market trends and requirements, product and market validation, and competitive analysis. I'm smart enough to know that I can't know everything, and over the years I've cultivated a network of top-notch colleagues who can provide additional expertise when needed.

I headed marketing and sales for technology and research firm NetForecast, and am a long-term associate in the technology consulting firm Interisle Consulting--an elite swat team of smart engineers who tackle some of the thorniest technical problems in the data networking and banking industries.

Before that I served as Vice President of Marketing for Israeli application firewall firm MagniFire, and network content delivery vendor InfoLibria. I helped InfoLibria raise $21.5M in venture funding and dramatically heightened their market awareness, and I helped MagniFire achieve a successful outcome through a $29M purchase by F5.

As Director of Internet Consulting at TeleChoice, Inc., I helped network service providers develop and hone their Internet strategies and enhance their positions in an increasingly competitive marketplace. I wrote a definitive marketing manual instructing telephone and cable companies how to become Internet service providers (before it was a "thing"). I also helped equipment vendors successfully market to Internet service providers.

About Rebecca Wetzel

In the formative days of the Internet, I was director of marketing at one of the world's first Internet service providers--BBN (now part of CenturyLink). I built and managed the marketing organization that established BBN as a leader in providing value-added Internet services for security and Web hosting. 

I first dove into data networking at Motorola Codex in the mid 1980s.

I've written countless articles, white papers, and reports on a variety of topics, and co-authored the book Internet Telephony for Dummies.  

I'm a Wellesley College graduate (but no I wasn't a classmate of Hillary's ;-). I have an MBA from Babson College and I also have an MA in archaeology from the University of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England--so you can be sure I don't mind getting my hands dirty!

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