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To help network product vendors and service providers develop and implement strategies for new offerings.

About Rebecca Wetzel

Rebecca Wetzel is a 20 plus year veteran of the data networking industry.  She works with product vendors and service providers to develop and implement strategies for new offerings. Projects include writing business plans, service descriptions, white papers, and articles--as well as primary research on market trends and requirements, product and market validation, competitive analysis, business development support, and customer satisfaction research. 

At BBN, which was at the epicenter during the Internet’s most formative years from 1985 to 1996, Ms. Wetzel helped move the Internet into the commercial realm. She served as Director of Marketing at NEARNET, one of the original NSFnet regional networks. Following that, she was a founding employee of commercial Internet service provider BBN Planet (later Genuity and now Level3 Communications), where she built and managed the marketing organization that positioned the company as a leader in providing value-added IP services to businesses. She masterminded the marketing of the world’s first managed firewall service, Site Patrol, and BBN’s Web Advantage web hosting service family.  She also managed a marketing partnership between BBN and WilTel that led to the world’s first commercially available IP-based VPN service.

After BBN, Ms. Wetzel became Director of Internet Consulting at TeleChoice, where she aided current and aspiring network service providers and vendors in developing and deploying value-added IP marketing strategies. 

Following her tenure at TeleChoice, Ms. Wetzel was Vice President of Marketing at network caching and streaming media product vendor InfoLibria (now Certeon).  There she managed all marketing functions, played a key role in helping to raise venture financing, and became expert in the market for content distribution products and services.

Ms. Wetzel’s career in data networking began at Motorola Codex Corporation in 1984.

The author of numerous articles, white papers, and reports on data networking-related topics, she is co-author of the book Internet Telephony for Dummies.  Ms. Wetzel sits on a number of advisory boards for data communications startups. She also is an associate in NetForecast, an Internet technology and research firm, and the technology consulting firm Interisle Consulting.

A graduate of Wellesley College, Ms. Wetzel received her MBA from Babson College and an MA degree from the University of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England.


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